Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Hump" Day {again}

It's BONCO NIGHT!!! and let me tell ya, I'm ready! Could use the extra $40, gotta go and get my dd's stockings and fishnets for her recital! Last night she chose not to go to dancing right, projects due this week. Well, it just so happened to have been "dress" rehearsals!!! She SHOULD have gone. I don't think she remembered! That sucks, cause she has a practice Saturday and they're done til recital day!! Oh well, lesson learned!

I sooooo want to vent, but I'm not. Won't do ANY good. All I can say is, I AM SO READY TO GO ON VACATION!!! One more month!!!

Here is my PAD4M #21. It is a picture(s) of my neighbor's Agapanthus plant. It has such big, colorful, showy blooms!

I'm gonna go now. Really in a cruddy mood. I apologize, but such is life I guess!

Blog you guys later................

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kellie bean said...

Aww, I'm sorry you had a cruddy day. Hopefully tomorrow will be much better! :)