Thursday, May 8, 2008

Here Goes!

Well, just heard on the news that they will have finished closing all the "locks" in the spillway today. 160 were opened to relieve the levels on the Mississippi River. Last week, it crested, so it is "safe" to close it up now. I will have to go out this evening and take more pictures, then again in a few days to see how "low" the water in the spillway has gotten. I'm sure by the start of "Summer Vacation" for the kids, it will all be open for the kids to ride their 4-wheelers and dirt bikes again! I'll post pics and I hopefully will get a layout or 2 about this?!!

Here is my PAD4M #8. It is a picture of the flowers I planted in a hanging basket to hang from my crepe myrtle tree in the front yard. It is just so "wide awake" greeting the sun this morning! I need to be as "awake!" Man, if I would be as diligent in making lo's for the "Dash from your Stash" as I am in the PAD4M, I would get A LOT done! ;)
Well, when I arrived at the gym last night, for what I thought would have been our last game, I found out that we made the playoffs!! MAN! I don't see us winning it, but....
the next league starts up June 11th and goes thru August something. Tonight I'm playing again for Colleen. We are at Girard Gym again, where I busted my @ss! Literally. I have a bruise. It was bone hitting concrete. I have no "cushion" to break my fall! LOL My dad used to tease me about taking those "NoAssitol" pills!!!!!!!
I am outside with the kids. There is a "warm" breeze blowing, so it doesn't feel too bad. It's supposed to get up in the "High 80's" today. YUCK! It's the humidity that gets ya! I think I had a good hair day back in 1982 when I was in Albequerque, NM!!!! I wouldn't know I was having a good hair day, unless it was broadcasted across the news!
Well, guess I better go now. Kids are running "amuck!" Blog ya later........

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