Thursday, May 1, 2008


Well, another month has gone by. Spring came and went, which means, it was HERE for 1 DAY!! LOL We have no "change of seasons." 2 days of "cool" weather, then HOT, MUGGY, RAINY and lots and lots of BAD HAIR DAYS!!!! After, BAM!! SUMMER!

There are 19 days left in the school year for my kids. :( JOY! This can mean either of 2 things: buckling down and finishing the year GREAT, OR "the hell with it. We only have 19 more days!" I'm hoping my son chooses the first. We have a "bet" with him. If he makes nothing lower than a "B" meaning he brings all his grades up AND he doesn't get written up, AGAIN {splain later}, we will give him $100! Sounds pretty simple right? Well, it SHOULD be. He is VERY capable of making the grades. We pay our children $5 for each "A" they receive on their report cards. My son is lucky if he HAS $5 at this point! They get paid at the end of the school year after we receive their final report card. He has the opportunity to quadruple what he has, or he'll get NOTHING! My DD always has "A's" and maybe an occassional "B", but poor thing, she actually has to put forth just a little effort, whereas if my son would put ANY effort, could BLOW HER OUT OF THE WATER!!!! He is just lazy and only does what he needs to do, no more, no less!

We'll see what happens.

Today is May 1st. I am participating in a "POTD for May" on CKMB. For those who do not frequent the board, POTD stands for "Picture of the Day." I hope to complete this "challenge" and possibly make a "Mini Album." May is pretty cool in our area, for there are LOTS of activities going on! My first picture is taken in my kitchen. It represents how my mornings begin. Children's cups and bottles, but mainly LARGE CUP OF COFFEE!!! :p Enjoy. I hope to give you a little "peek" into my days. Blog ya later..............


heidihappyscraps said...

I know the feeling... I feel like my kitchen is full of sippies. I'm not a coffee drinker though. I'm a chocolate milk drinker! :)


kellie bean said...

Yee-ha! You bring your coffee, I'll bring the mugs, and we'll have a fun, chatty morning! :)