Saturday, April 12, 2008

Today's the Day!?

Well, after a long week of dance team tryouts and the BIG day yesterday, my daughter found out that she DIDN'T make the team :( She's okay, really. Or so she says. She is embarrassed she didn't make it and I told her she need not be! She is a GREAT dancer, she just doesn't have that "attitude" it takes! KWIM? She'll be okay.
We are going downtown to the French Quarter today for the Fest. It is kinda cool out, since all the rain and the front passed thru late/early this a.m.! Lots of thunder and lightning!!! We'll be down by the river, so it'll be really cool, jacket weather!! I will be bringing my camera, so be on the lookout! It's a shame that my "Flat" CKMB friend hasn't made it yet! She would have a great time! Oh well. Next weekend the Plantation Home will be having it's Spring Fest! That'll be fun! I seriously go just to eat!!!!! Tis the season for all the festivals. The BIG one is at the end of the month and first weekend in May and that is the N.O. Jazz and Heritage Fest!! LOADS of music artists will be in town!! Can't wait. Need to find out when Tim McGraw will be performing!! Hope the weather holds out! XXXX

Well, gotta go and get dressed. Will be leaving in about an hour and I need to go and play "Taxi" and pick up a couple of people!!! Blog ya later w/more details!!

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