Sunday, April 6, 2008

Summary of Mother/Daughter Retreat

The rain, thunderstorm, passed thru @ 3 in the morning. We left our house @7:30am. It was dreary, but not raining! The sun followed in the late afternoon. Had a nice drive that lasted about an hour. Rode w/2 other Mother/Daughters. One was a friend of mine, who was Em's kindergarten teacher! Was surprised to see her there! We chatted on the way up and let me tell you, we were very surprised at the opening group gathering! There was a Mother/Daughter speaker, and the conversation could have been recorded from ours!! It was funny, strangely odd, but funny! Faye and Courtney, the other 2 that rode w/us, laughed at that coincidence! After lunch, we broke into 2 groups: moms and daughters. It was nice, but Andre and I both said, "We have no idea why we are here? Our daughters are not a problem!" I came to the realization that, despite the typical "teen drama" one gets, Em is a really good child! I've learned to "pick" my battles and I listen to her when she has a "major" problem and I know in her eyes, it is major! We wrote letters to our daughters and they to us. They will be mailed. Em said not to be mad when I read hers! Now, what could she have written that would make me mad? My letter was short and sweet, telling her how proud I am of her and that she is a good girl. I'm waiting on Courtney to email me the pictures we took. I forgot my camera! :( I gave her my email addy, so she'll send them when she can. I'll post here!
Today, Em and I went shopping to get her some shorts and shirts to try out for "Desty's" this week. It is the high school dance team and it's VERY popular! If she doesn't make it, she's okay w/it. At least she tried. We'll know Saturday morning when they post!
I sat down last night and tried my hand at PSE 5. I created a layout as you can see from previous post. It is simple, but I looked at a site a CKMB gave me that had some tutorials and I printed some. I will "practice" some more. I need to gather and organize all my photos, background papers, embellies, etc. so I can pull from them when creating my pages. I already told my dh, when I get this together, you know I'm gonna need my own laptop to do digital!! He just laughed! Of course I won't give up scrappin, but at least I can do the new "Hybrid" ones!! Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself. I need to create a less "simplistic" layout first! LOL
Gonna go now, so I can get back to organizing everything for digital. I'll keep you posted! Blog ya later...

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