Saturday, April 5, 2008

My First Attempt???!

Well, here it is, a sample of what I will be submitting in Erin's Weekend Challenge! This is my FIRST DIGITAL LO!! I still have to get the grasp of adding embellishments. This is real simple and I used what was in PSE. I just grabbed the "bull by the horns" and jumped in!! It is a 12x12, so it will remain in the computer! LOL Do not have any plans to purchase a printer, nor do I want to send it out to be printed, because I'm not really that happy about it! :( I am SUCH a perfectionist, so much so, that I really shouldn't be posting this, but I'm learning to "surrender" such thoughts! It's really, really hard.
So, what do you think? You can be honest, really, I don't mind, in fact, I encourage it! This is a picture of (l to r) sister, Lynette, neice, Megan and ME!!
Oh, and that's my son, Ryan, behind us! He is such a ham!
By the way, I'll more than likely create an "old fashioned" layout to submit for the Weekend Challenge. Told you, I am a Perfectionist!!
Have a great weekend, blog ya later!!!
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