Thursday, April 17, 2008

Look what I received today!
Isn't this cool or what?! Sometime last week on the CKMB site, someone was hosting a RAK, and I was a double winner!!! This is the first "REAL" RAK I've won. I'm gonna have to "pay it forward" and host a RAK myself. On the left is "Border Tape" that is Vacation themed. In the 2 baggies are loads and loads of embellies! In the big bag is a kit. The paper is really pretty! I don't know what to do!! I'm sooooo confused! I think I'll just admire it for a while. I'm sure the "perfect" picture will come along and say, "HEY! Here I am, remember me?" Ha ha ha ha ha
My scrap inventory is moving right along, but the actual scrapping, not so good!
Tomorrow night, my dh is working, and I'm so sure my dd will be sleeping at a friend's again! Not worried about ds, soooooooo, if I get all my things out while the "chikens" are napping, I could possibly get some layouts done!? Wish me luck!


kelliebean said...

Aww, thanks for the anniversary wishes. Hubby came in from AZ for the weekend, then we all go back there to get the keys to the new house! yay! October is a special month for us, too - both dd's are October babies. :)

Enjoy your RAK! I just got one today, too. Daisydo told me "there's nothing like getting a little bling in the mail" - she was right! See u!


kelliebean said...

Oh, and "Sweetly Broken" has got to be one of my Top 3 Favorite Songs of All Time. Absolutely. :)

Dettao said...

I popped in to meet Mr. Mojo! LOL I am honored that you have me listed under your people who inspire you. Thank you so much.