Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Erin's Creative Adventure!

Well, how many of you "Scrapbookers" who visit this blog AND CKMB are going to do Erin's NSD Adventure? It sounds pretty interesting and I'm hooked. Gonna go tonite and get the illustration board and papers. I have 1 of 2 ribbons to use, but it is not really as wide as I think it should be, BUT, that's the whole idea, thinking outside the box, right? I think my problem may lie in matching patterned paper! I know what I like, and I can pick the right colors, but it's the PATTERN that really messes me up! LOL I'm curious to see what pictures we're gonna need! I just need to get out of the "rut" I'm in and hopefully this will get my "creativity" flowing.

On another note: LIFE, I will be playing Volleyball twice this week! My regular Wednesday night league and I'm filling in on Thursday night w/some of the ladies that play on Wednesday! I've played before and this time I'll get to show Peggy the scars on my arm from our last game! Michelle took a picture w/her phone to show her, because Peggy didn't believe her, but showing her what it really looks like!! We both went after the ball and she "gouged" me in the forearm with her nails. It was really nasty looking! I can't believe I scarred! Gonna have to try that "Mederma" stuff to see if it really works. It's not that deep, so if I start it, it should help. I used Neosporin, but..... Maybe I'll take a picture and post to show?

Okay, kids are napping, Sssh. gonna go clean kitchen and make sure ground meat is defrosted for dinner tonight. We're having Tacos! It's been a while. Em has dance tonight, so that is quick enough for her to eat before she goes.
Okay, Blog ya later..............

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Susan said...

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Susan Rotante