Friday, April 25, 2008

"Choose a good reputation over great riches; being held in high esteem is better than silver or gold.Proverbs 22:1, NLT"

Okay, I have to admit, I've been stuck in "Monday" all week! It has been absolutely nuts around this "ZOO!" I really didn't have a great morning, would love to vent, but after receiving the above Message for today, thought, better not! I like to consider myself to be a good person. In fact, I AM A GOOD PERSON! I usually let things just "roll" off me. Watching children for a living has a tendancy to do that to you ;) I do have patience, and these kids are really great {most of the time!} I also believe that "one bad apple doesn't ruin the bunch." Which is good, for years ago, someone spoke badly about me {I used to watched their child} This person's reputation was already "tarnished", and I was told by a couple of people, not to let it get to me. I didn't. I shrugged it off. But, truthfully, it does bother me when someone speaks "ill" of me, or they don't "like" me. I'm a "People Pleaser." It's my personality. I haven't "hardened", okay, maybe I've toughened up the exterior stuff! I now don't sweat the small stuff! I know that what I do every day, not every one can do! I feel that my "reputation" is good, and it is definitely more than riches {in the monetary sense!} But it IS rich in values, beliefs and the love that these children who have come thru my heart and home, have given me. And with that, I can sleep at night with a good heart and mind!

Okay, maybe I vented a little! Sorry. It's just been a long week.
Thanks for stopping by and if you stayed long enough to read thru this vent, BIG THANKS! {Told you, I'm a People Pleaser ;)} Have a great weekend! Enjoy life. Blog ya later...

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