Monday, April 28, 2008

All the TIME and Only have 1!

Can you believe this? I had all weekend to scrap and I only got 1 layout done? Now, Saturday, it turned out to be horrible, weather-wise. Rained BUCKETS!! I had from @1pm until 4pm to scrap, then went to church. Had time after, @8pm until I decided I wanted to go to bed. NO MOJO!! No INSPIRATION! It took me hours to finish the ONE! Aarrrgh. I hate when that happens! Sunday, same thing! I did manage to put the State Football Game pics on 8x8 lo's, but no embellishments yet! I pretty much did that quickly. I might put it on chipboard and give to my daughter as a high school reminder! She has the newspaper articles on her wall! Might make a book.

Well, it's Monday, AGAIN! I sure hope this week goes better than last! Don't know if I can take much more! This coming weekend is the local school fair. The weather doesn't look too great! It pretty much rained out the Jazz Fest this weekend! I'll buy my ds a ride bracelet for the weekend, cuz, well, you know, "boys will be boys!" He rode a 4-wheeler yesterday and was pretty dirty then! They're only "kids" for a short time. We usually hang out at the fair pretty much all weekend. You can't beat the food! It is the time I don't cook! I'll keep ya'll posted about the weather!

Well, gonna go and get some laundry done while the little ones are watching "Land Before Time." They are having pizza for lunch, which was left over from yesterday's party at my friend's. Yeah! No cooking! Though, won't get away from it come dinnertime!

Blog ya later.....

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