Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

I was "out and about" Sunday afternoon and I decided to take along my camera.
There was a tugboat pushing a barge on the river, which is fairly higher than usual because of the weather up north! I also decided to take a picture of "Ormond Plantation" home, which was built in 1790. The other plantation home is about 1 mile up the road, but they had had a car show of some sort, and a canopy was set up out front, disturbing the "view" of the home. I'll take that picture on another day. It was 80 degrees yesterday and "breezy." Saturday was a "yucky" day, for it was rainy and cloudy all day.
Just thought I would share a part of my day w/you all!
Blog ya later....
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Toni said...

Whoa, that plantation is gorgeous. Can you tour it? We homeschool and my dd's favorite character is Harriet Tubman (and what great character she had too).
Sorry you were up so late, but it's wonderful that you helped your neighbor out like that. I'm sure she deeply appreciated it. I know I would.