Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring is coming! Spring is coming!

First signs of spring! My daylilies are beginning to bloom {p1} A begonia plant that has "died" too numerous to count, is blooming, again! {p2}
In p3, my neighbors' Bradfor pear trees are "budding." In @ 2 weeks, it will be full of leaves! That is always the case. {P4} is a plant on my porch which is in beautiful bloom! {P5} is a breed of hibiscus tree that is starting to sprout! Now, those are the only signs of spring now, for it is very windy outside and a terrible front is supposed to come thru tonight, bringing lots of heavy rain!! We are supposed to have a great weather weekend for Easter, so I'll take the weather now! Enjoy these pics. I'll have to put together a LO w/them later!!


kelliebean said...

Love the pics - so pretty! Spring in the south (and SW!) is just glorious, isn't it??? I feel sorry for all those CKMBers up north. I'm ready for warm weather come January 2nd or so. :)

I'll be watching for a LO with those!

Toni said...

Ahhhh! I *love* these photos. You have NO IDEA how much I see winter as a time of preparing my heart for SPRING! I love spring fever. I love the return of life. I love the sunshine on my face again and the grass under my feet again. This post feels like an incredible spring day to me. Thanks for commenting on our adoption.