Thursday, March 27, 2008

Princess Cinderella!!

Just a quick post for today. Yeah, tomorrow is Friday!
Yesterday one of my little ones went home sick. So?Well, in the 3 yrs of her life, and I've had her since @ 7wks, she has NEVER been sick. Poor thing, when she was "spittin up" I brought her into the bathroom. She had this look on her face, "You want me to do what, WHERE?!" Priceless! Must have been something she had eaten, for she only "spit up" a couple more times here and once at home. Her mom said she woke this morning and said, "I feel well today!" When she got dressed she came out of her room dressed like in the pictures! She is such a mess!
Gotta love her!

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Toni said...

Poor baby! She's so stinkin' cute in those photos though. Hope she's feeling much better now.