Friday, March 28, 2008


Well, it's Friday. Finally. Don't mean to rush time by, but.... I really needed a break. A "Spring Break!" Why not! My kids have been off all week. Haven't seen my daughter in DAYS!! Okay, that's been kinda nice. What!? She's a teenager! 'nuf said. My son is now sick! Last day of break too. He has that stomach bug that a little one had the day before. If there is any consolation, her 2 older brothers (teens) also have it. Know what that means? Sunday will be MY day! Oh JOY!
If your new to my blog, then "Welcome and Hello", feel free to make/leave any comments. Those of you who are not, SORRY!! Computer acted like a fool and my original LO got all messed up, therefore losing my "Link List" and other stuff! I will slowly, but surely adding to it again.
So, in the meantime, "Enjoy the show!"

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