Monday, March 3, 2008

Hi Everyone!
How's your Monday goin'? Me? Well... it's Monday!!!
I've posted some pics I took from Saturday. We had a crawfish boil and we also celebrated Ryan's birthday, which is Tuesday! Emilie givin him some "lovin!" How fake!!! Ryan so wanted to dig into that cake. Pure chocolate! It was a whipped topping too!
First year I didn't make his cake in a while! We had fun. He got his Ipod Nano. Bugged the 'poop' out of me. Wanted me to take him Friday night! I told him, his birthday isn't until Tuesday, so you need to wait! He is sooooo impatient!!
We have some bad weather coming our way. Rain, possible hail and tornados! Hopefully not the latter, but I'll be aware. Hopefully it won't get bad until after my little 'chikens' leave, don't want to have to get in the bathroom again!! Although, they thought it was fun!
Gotta go now, post again later! Thanks for visiting!!

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Harley Dee said...

I love that last picture, reminds me of me and my brother :)