Thursday, February 21, 2008

Without a hitch....

Bonco went very well. Won "Middle of the Road", $10, so I got my money back. There were absolutely NO leftovers!!!! Including the "Fudgesicle" daquiri! We had fun. Cut up, as usual. Clean up was pretty easy. Thank goodness we didn't put the chairs outside, for it rained!! It was a horrible morning for weather! Under a "Tornado Watch" until 11 a.m. Now, it's beautiful; sun shining, warmer. Unfortunately, it was too cloudy last night to see the Lunar Eclipse!! I really wanted to see it. Maybe in 2010!!
Well, it's Thursday. Saturday we have our big "Family Reunion" on the Westbank at my grandmother's and Aunt's house. My cousins will be driving in on Friday from Texas. We haven't gotten together in about 10 yrs I guess! Should be fun! Gonna boil some crawfish and crabs (if in season!) I will be making a dessert and a side dish, to bring. Let you know how it goes. Hope to have pics to post then!
Have a good one, chat at ya later!!

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