Monday, February 18, 2008

What a weekend!!

O MY! Never a dull moment in this family! Saturday, we drove to Baton Rouge to go to the Mall of Louisiana and we broke down!! I hope it is only the transmission fluid line. I'll know later today. But we couldn't drive the car home because all the fluid would have leaked out and then the transmission would have had to be re-done! MORE $$$$$$$ It was bad enough to spend almost $200 to tow it home! and that's with Triple A! Driver said, for a little more, we could update policy, then we would be covered for first 100 miles. But seriously, how often would I have to have my car towed and for that distance?! Time to get a NEW car, or, never drive it more than 20 miles away from mechanic!!
On Sunday, hubby and I wanted to replace our bathtub fixtures. Been in house 12 yrs, time for an update! Usually no problem, usually. Well the cap that needs to be removed in order to put on new faucet, was soldered on, not threaded. Hence, broken pipe! Luckily, we knew to turn off water, but I NEED water in my house! Sunday evening, broken pipe, call a plumber... can you say "Ca Ching?" Minimum quote was $150/hr min 4 hrs!!! Thankfully, I called a friend who has a plumbing business, and he helped us out. Will order correct fixtures that we need. Haven't got bill, but it shouldn't cost me a kidney!!
Well, my children got the clothing they needed! Lucky them. Wait, I still have receipts, maybe I can return them.......
Oh, did I mention, I called my good neighbor and she was kind enough to pick me and the kids up while the hubby rode w/tow truck! I have good neighbors and friends!!
No scrapbooking done at all!!!! I should document and do a LO about the weekend, but why? It's too painful now, I'll laugh later.....

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