Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Just another day!

Well, today was a day off for me!! I ran a few errands, and boy, I do not miss the daily traffic of a work day! I just went at my pace. Had to go and pick up Turbo Tax software so I could do our taxes!! I usually have them done by this time and refund is on the way, but I wanted to make sure Dave got all his W2's, especially from the school. It arrived today! So as soon as he gets home with it, I will input the info and hit "File electronically." Barring no problems, should receive in about 10 days!! Vacation at the Beach, here we come!! I want to get it paid for prior to going, that way, we can start "stashing" some cash to take to have some fun!!
I took down my "Mardi Gras" tree last night. :( Ryan thought I would decorate it for Easter, but I just don't have the energy and I wanted it out of my living room!
I need to go clean the 2 high chairs, mop the kitchen and living room and pick up all my scrapbook items before tomorrow and the "little chickens!" Only 2 days though. Hope to get my bedroom picked up and the bookcase cleaned out, so that I can make it my "Scrap" area! I have the weekend. I don't really have anything planned!
I WILL start the gym again Monday morning!! Need to get back into the routine. Want to lose @15lbs before our Family Reunion in a few weeks!!! I'm setting a goal and sticking with it!!
I will post daily, my progress. This will be my "conscience."
Have a GREAT day, see you tomorrow!

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