Friday, February 22, 2008

Good Friday Morning!!!!!!

and how is everyone on this morning? It is very warm and muggy, yuck!
I have a "light" day, meaning only 4 children. I should be able to get my house cleaned! Ha Ha Ha. I should, for I will be gone ALL DAY tomorrow due to a Family Reunion planned. I emailed my sister for all the "details" like who is going to be there and such. She's usually on top of all that!! I need her to provide me with a game plan! along with the players! Hee Hee. It's terrible, I haven't seen my cousins and their families in about 10 yrs, since the last "get together." Even then, their children were teens! Should be fun to sit and "catch up." I'll have to exchange email addys w/Twila. She usually talks to my grandmother a couple of times a month. I hope to take lots of pics, random of course! I still need to get together a page or 2 from Christmas!! I'm a little behind.
Gotta go now. I will try and post again later to let you know how the day went. If not, the weekend!! Have a Blessed one!!

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